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Angela White - April 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Merrylee   
Thursday, 03 May 2012


Angela White

There's a story I need to let out of its cage and I think it's one you need to hear. It's about the end of the world as we know it...”

Little pleases Angela White more than to explore the dark fantasy and horror stories in her head. As a die-hard Cincinnatian, she much prefers writing to the stresses of being a city taxicab dispatcher, and knowing other people like them is second only to the magic of the new career she's chosen for herself.

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anyone out there?"

Q. Welcome to TwoLips Reviews Interviews, Angie. I've been waiting months to do this interview with you, so let's get started. Please tell those of us who haven't yet read your popular post-apocalyptic dark fantasy series – Life After War – something about it. When is the final book in the series, Adrian's Eagles, due to come out?

Angie: Life After War takes seven gifted (mental abilities) survivors and throws them into the middle of the apocalypse. After a government betrayal, these 7 people slowly find each other, becoming stronger, harder souls along the way. And did I mention the Slavers who are tracking them while destroying whole towns of refugees in their rampage? Book four, Adrian’s Eagles, will be available on iTunes on 4/15 and can be pre-ordered now, on my website.

Q. What inspires your creativity. Imagination?

Angie: Usually a conspiracy or something mysterious. I can be drawn into Zombies, Vampires, and any other manor of creature. The end of the world is the one that will keep me on my Kindle or in front of the TV, though, and it’s also the one my writing favors. Even stories I don’t intend to become apocalypse related, often do. Imagine, right now, there’s could be an asteroid speeding our way, undetectable because of the increased solar activity…Wait. I may write that!

Q. Name something that has strengthened your writing.

Angie: Life. It’s so hard some days that I can’t do anything else but fight back. It keeps me going.

Q. What's the average length of time it takes you to write your first draft of a book?

Angie: About a week. I’m one of those hide-in-my-office until I’m done kinda writers. Heaven help the person who opens that door without knocking and giving me a chance to hit save! Lol.

Q. What part of your novels do you most enjoy writing?

Angie: Character scenes. I love the friction it creates.

Q. How do you come up with ideas for your books? Do you ever research real events, legends or myths for ideas?

Angie: I have a folder with dozens of ideas. Most came from a tidbit I read or overheard. If I choose to work on that idea, then I’ll research it.

Q. Do you have a "best" time to write? A daily schedule?

Angie: I like 3 am, while everyone else is asleep. I use the daytime to catch up on other work, like marketing, website updates, and other publishing items.

Q. You're not a romance writer per se, but there is a romance in your Life After War books. Do you think that including a romance in a horror or dark fantasy book makes it more appealing to a wider audience? Does a little sex help sell a horror novel?

Angie: I do think sex sells, and romance is a very popular genre, but the stories inside my tale flow with their own kinda life. If it goes there, I put it there, even when it makes people unhappy. Namely, I’ve been told romance has no place in the apocalypse genre. Obviously, I (and many readers) disagree.

Q. The perception of the horror writer is that he/she is just a little bit weirder than most. Do you find yourself — and other horror writers — to be more idiosyncratic than the average person?

Angie: Absolutely. That’s why it writes so well. Who better to get into the head of a psychotic killer than someone who may have that characteristic (lightly) lurking inside?

Q. What draws people to horror novels? Why do we, as readers, like to be scared?

Angie: It proves we’re alive when we can laugh about it later, LMAO. Our brains go-“I’m not there yet, so things are okay.”

Q. What is your favorite book ending to write and why?

Angie: Something that gives justice to either the characters or the story itself. We see so little of it in the real world.

Q. Why have you chosen to write under a pseudonym? Are there any practical difficulties with that choice? Who does Amazon cut your checks to?

Angie: My checks come to the real name, the one the IRS has. I chose a pen name because of a few ‘black sheep’ family members I didn’t want to track me down. I also didn’t want it to interfere with my day job, which I was able leave in 2011 to write full-time. It’s not really a hardship, but sometimes it can be confusing to know which name gets used when.

Q. Why go Indie with your books vs. an e-publisher or the more established “paper” publishers?

Angie: Control, money, and personal respect. I pick what gets published, when, where, and I know I did it myself. Can’t get a better ego boost than that, ya know?

Q. I notice that The Survivors , book one in your Life After War series, is now free in ebook on Amazon. It seems that more and more indie writers are incorporating some free content as part of their overall strategy. Has it hooked you more readers?

Angie: By about a hundred a month so far and climbing. It’s only been free since 2/14, so I don’t know yet if it’s a good long-term idea. I like being able to give something back and it’s only fair to let the readers have a real sample of my work before they spend their hard-earned cash.

Q. Where, besides Amazon, can your readers find you and your books on the Internet?

Angie: My website- Also: iTunes, B&N, Kobo, Google Books, Smashwords, Diesel, Sony, and Baker & Taylor. I get around! (Hey, can I say that on television? Lol.)

Thank you so much for having me, Merrylee. This is always a wonderful place to visit.

Have a wonderful year, world...


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