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Home arrow Recommended Reads arrow Paranormal arrow New Species 2: Slade by Laurann Dohner
New Species 2: Slade by Laurann Dohner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Merrylee   
Friday, 18 November 2011

Recommended Read

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Title: Slade
Author: Laurann Dohner
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. 
Genre: Paranormal, Animal/Human Hybrids, Action-Adventure, Contemporary
Publication date: August 19, 2011
ISBN: 9781419935831
Pages: 211
Series: New Species, Book 2
Reviewer: Merrylee

Heat Level:  M/F – oral sex, mild attempted rape (not by hero), blood & violence


Originally written in the early 90s and freshened up by Laurann Dohner for current release, the premise set forth in the New Species series is one of humans genetically engineered and enhanced with animal DNA to create a New Species that is stronger, faster and heals from wounds faster than normal. This series is inarguably similar to Lora Leigh’s Breed series but with some differences. The New Species have grown from infants into adulthood in secrecy, as prisoners subjected to barbarous and inhumane experimentation by an evil drug research facility out to develop the perfect soldier. Until their recent rescue, the New Species had never seen the light of day. Never seen a car or a television. Taught only how to fight to the death, many of them have now learned how to read and write and function in the world of humans.

The government has set them up in housing at their Homeland facility in Southern California and the newly constructed Reservation in Northern California – both secure compounds where, for the most part, they handle their own security and govern themselves by their own set of rules. But in the process of coming into their own, they've evoked bigoted hatred from fanatical human purists who want nothing more than to exterminate both the New Species and the humans who work for and with them.

When Dr. Trisha Norbit first met Slade, he had no other name than the designation Subject 215. Wounded in the authorities’ takeover of the research facility where he’d been kept, he’d been brought to the hospital where she worked in Emergency. He was probably the biggest man she’d ever seen, and it was obvious by his canine looks that he was one of the poor souls rescued from the research facility in the news. Although he was out cold, the nurses were frightened of him, and other doctors jokingly called him Dog Boy. Trisha however found him thoroughly intriguing, until he regained consciousness just enough to haul her into bed with him and roll on top of her – his big, hard muscular body aroused and ready for sex.

One year later, Subject 215 had become Slade, head of security at Homeland. Although he’d suffered his entire life at the hands of humans and had no use for any of them, he still entertained vague memories of the red-haired human doctor. He remembered her delicate scent. The touch of her hair against his cheek. The feel of her soft body beneath his. He didn't know her name or her whereabouts, only that she was his and had been taken from him.

Trisha couldn’t believe Slade didn’t recognize her. Ever since she’d come to work at Homeland, he’d spent his time being the nastiest he could be to her. When he finally suggested they do a one-night stand, Trisha had finally had it with his attitude and let him know in a fit of anger who she was and that she wanted nothing to do with him. Stunned, Slade knows he’s blown things to hell with her. But when her life and his are suddenly put in danger on a road trip to Reservation, he’s the only one who can save them. As fanatics chase them through the wilds of Northern California, bent on killing Slade and capturing Trisha, desire ignites between Slade and Trisha. The consequences of their hot sex put Trisha in even more danger and will change their lives forever.

The vibrant energy and gripping impact of this story make it an incredible page turner. I’ve been a Laurann Dohner fan since Ral’s Woman. I can’t get enough of her Cyborg Seduction and Zorn Warriors series, and now I’ve fallen head over heels in lust with her New Species. Following closely on the heels of Fury, Slade is the most engrossing, the grittiest, and at the same time the most amusing book Ms. Dohner has written to date. It’s hands down the best book I’ve read in a long time. I loved it! 

Trisha is smart, sensitive, and witty. In the face of danger, she quickly comes into her own, finding the stamina and grit to go on the run with Slade and even to take up arms when it becomes necessary to choose between her life and that of her enemies. Slade’s personality is very complex. He’s strong, loyal, and dependable, but he uses arrogance and a snarky sense of humor to hide his vulnerabilities and pain from the past. As you learn more about that past, you come to understand the reasons for his rude, ill-mannered behavior, particularly toward Trisha. The introduction of Valiant takes the New Species premise one step beyond anything Lora Leigh has come up with to date. I can't wait to review his book!! And as for Harley, Brass, and Moon – there’s a bit of the Three Stooges in these three – I hope each will get his own book very soon.

While you can read Slade by itself, you really should read the series in order to get the best enjoyment in reading it. And enjoyment is definitely guaranteed!

Please read my review for New Species 3: Valiant by Laurann Dohner.


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