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Home arrow Book Reviews arrow Urban Fantasy arrow Night Watchers 1: Eternally Chained by Candace Sams
Night Watchers 1: Eternally Chained by Candace Sams PDF Print E-mail
Written by Merrylee   
Tuesday, 06 September 2011

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Title: Eternally Chained
Author: Candace Sams
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press 
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Vampire, Contemporary
Publication date: September 9, 2011
ISBN: 1-60154-967-9
Pages: 328
Series: Night Watchers, Book 1
Reviewer: Merrylee

Heat Level:  M/F sex in non-graphic terms


So it’s true?” she whispered. “People of Irish descent really do go

back to the old country when they die? And angels escort them there.”


Turned vampire during WWII, Sean Reilly has forgotten how to live, but being a vampire doesn't mean he's dead. When his old friend Patrick Grady summoned him to Los Angeles to initiate Pat's police officer niece into the secret Night Watch organization, he took it for granted that Pat had gotten Morgan's consent to be turned vampire. That was his first mistake. His second was falling for Morgan Grady the moment he laid eyes on her as she lay on her hospital death bed after being shot five times in a drug bust gone very wrong.

When Morgan awoke, with Sean at her side, onboard a private jet enroute to Ireland to train as a Night Watch agent, her first thought was that the old legend was true. When someone of Irish descent died, an angel came to spirit them back to the old country. But as it turned out, Sean was no angel, and although her blood now ran cold, she wasn't anywhere near dead. Sean had turned her into a creature of the night, a monster whose only choices were to drink blood to survive or walk into the sun to end it all. And she'd been turned with her uncle's help.

Feeling betrayed and unwilling to accept her new existence for what it was, Morgan soon discovered that the taste of human blood and fighting evil at Sean's side wasn't the doomed existence she thought it would be. She was pretty good at the fighting evil part of it in fact. But just because she was amenable to eradicating rogue vampires and dealing with Regar, an ancient vampire who thought he could orchestrate his own war between humans and vampires, it didn't mean that Sean got to call all the shots, especially where their personal relationship was concerned. Morgan knew she couldn't stay with a man who couldn't let go of the past and the dead woman who still ruled his heart.

However, Morgan leaving Sean to train and work in London wasn't in Regar's plan. This enigmatic vampire, whose face no one knew, had other plans for the rare and beautiful Morgan. And for Sean too. But for now, he would merely watch. And plot their eventual end.

As an earnest Candace Sams/C.S. Chatterly fan, I've been waiting YEARS for the Night Watchers series to find a home in the publishing world, and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. Reading Eternally Chained, the riveting first book in this highly anticipated series, I can definitely see why it's being considered for a movie! I was completely absorbed in the well-developed plot, with its high-tension suspense and interwoven character relationships. This book will alternately bring tears to your eyes and smiles to your lips. There are so many poignant moments in it, particularly one in which Sean is reunited with the little Jewish boy, now an old man, that he saved at Buchenwald Concentration camp near the end of the war. I just couldn't put this book down!

Together, Morgan and Sean have amazing chemistry. The circumstances Morgan unexpectedly wakes up to find herself in as a vampire are realistic and chilling. Her doubts and final acceptance of what she's become run the gamut of emotions, as does her relationship with Sean, who has to suffer separation from Morgan to finally realize that living in the past and keeping his love alive for the long dead Simone makes no sense for a vampire faced with a millennia of living. A millennia he could spend loving a woman who is much more that Simone ever could have been, had she survived WWII.

I'm really looking forward to finding out the real role the vampire Simone played in Sean's human life during the time the two of them, along with vampire Skord Proust, now pub owner Skord Shorner, worked undercover for Night Watch behind German lines. When Regar appears towards the end of the story, he suggests a vast conspiracy in the Night Watch ranks that goes all the way back to WWII and now has its fingers in the lives of both human and vampire operatives in the Night Watch organization, perhaps going so far as to have orchestrated Morgan's human death. And maybe even Sean's as well.

We shall see, as Eternally Chained ended with a promise of much more to come. There are three more books planned. Book two, Dark Sins, which I believe will be Skord's story, is currently in the last states of editing. Skord seems to have lost something extremely dangerous, something that, with his German sense of honor, dictated he resign years ago from the Night Watch organization. He refuses to re-join until he finds it, no matter the amount of badgering that both Sean and Fergus MacArten, the head of Night Watch, heap upon him. Hopefully, I won't have to wait too long to find out what horrible and terrifying thing Skord lost. My curiosity is killing me!


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