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In Bed With the Duke by Christina Dodd PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sal   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010

Recommended Read

Book Image

Title: In Bed With the Duke
Author: Christina Dodd
Publisher: Signet, imprint of Penguin 
Genre: Historical
Publication date: March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-22933-5
Pages: 380
Series: N/A
Reviewer: Sal

Heat Level:  (several explicit sex scenes/violence)


The timid and proper Emma Chegwidden is a dutiful paid lady’s companion.  When ousted into the streets in the dead of night by her cruel and abusive employer, Emma loses her way, as she often does, and comes face to face with danger—a wolf and the ghostly apparition of the notorious Reaper.  The encounter is just the beginning of the troubles Emma is about to face.  She finds new employment with the pregnant and kind Lady Eleonore Franchere, cousin to the dreaded and hated Prince who has decided to take Emma as his obedient and submissive wife.  The lost heir to the Duke of Nevitt, Michael Durant, has spent two years of torture and cruelty at the hands of the abhorrent Prince Sandre de Guignard.  Under house arrest with the Francheres, Michael has come up with a dangerous scheme to right the wrongs inflicted on him and the people of Moricadia.  His attraction to Emma is profound and conflicts with his plans.  Her courage and defiance only fan the flames of his desire even though the odds are stacked against them for attaining happiness.

In Bed With the Duke was an exciting ride through the dangers and intrigues of Emma Chegwidden.  In Emma, Christina Dodd has created the quintessential heroine filled with courage, determination and defiance for a worthy cause.  Emma manages to overcome her fear of horses, her inability to sense direction, and her humble upbringing and education for the sake of a cause and the man she loves.  She doesn’t mind calling a rat a rat even thought that rat might very well send her to the dungeon.  Ms. Dodd has penned a wonderful tale of love and intrigue that delights the reader and lifts the spirits.  Michael Durant is the hero we all dream of, handsome, well-mannered, courageous, and dedicated to a noble purpose.  

In Bed With the Duke is a story to be savored for its colorful history, dark intrigue, and sweet tenderness.  Most definitely it is a book I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys history and champions for good in an otherwise dark world.   

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