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Home arrow Book Reviews arrow Futuristic/Sci-Fi arrow The Bell Curve by Amelia June
The Bell Curve by Amelia June PDF Print E-mail
Written by Victoria   
Friday, 18 January 2008


Book Image

Title: The Bell Curve
Author: Amelia June
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Sci-fi/Romance/Humor
Publication date: November 15, 2007
ISBN: 1-55410-818-7
Pages: 86
Series: Jason Bell Book 2
Reviewer: Victoria

Heat Level:


Jen is ecstatic when her fictional character Jason Bell comes to life again. Jason is the perfect man for her - comes at her summons, knows when to bring on the passion, and departs without overstaying his welcome. Jen gets concerned when a whole week goes by without Jason getting in contact with her. Vainly trying to summon him, she receives a cryptic message. Someone knows who has captured Jason and offers to take her to him. The only problem - she must enter his fictional world. Will entering his universe, via a wormhole, not knowing who is behind Jason’s capture, be worth her efforts?   

The Bell Curve is a clever, campy adventure that had me laughing the second Jen entered Jason’s world. Amelia June creates a story that blends all the bad science-fiction plots/characters you may remember from your childhood. Huge spiders, a resistance movement, a wounded secondary character out to kill them, a chauvinistic hero (Jason), nymphomaniac women, and wormholes are some of the things spoofed in this funny, funny story.

Jen took over Jason’s story mid-way during the first book in the series, The Jason Factor, so at times she works at a loss concerning the characters/situations that the two of them face. For me, this only made me enjoy the story more, as Jen struggles to reconcile the events happening in real time with things written in the past. I loved the way Jen and Jason bravely faced the challenges presented in this fictitious world while taking time out, of course, to engage in some fantastic sex on a spaceship built for such activity!  

While it isn’t necessary to read the first book in the series to enjoy The Bell Curve, you might want to read the first installment to discover the hilarious way Jason was created.


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