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413 Remembrance Lane by Various Authors PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arianna   
Friday, 21 September 2007

Recommended Read

Book Image

Title: 413 Remembrance Lane
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Phaze Publishing
Genre: Historical, Vampire, Gay, Lesbian, Menage, Ghost, Werewolf, Paranormal
Publication date: August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59426-992-9
Pages: 244 pages
Reviewer: Arianna

Heat Level:  M/M, F/F, Ménage

Midnight Confessions by Cheri Valmont

The year is 1750. Catherine has gone from London to America in search of her beloved Andrew. While inquiring of him she and her servants are captured and taken to the house at 413 Remembrance Lane. The owner is Captain Chadwick, a pirate who uses the house as his getaway. By writing in her diary Catherine has bound her love for Andrew to the house. Will she find happiness and love where she least expects it to be?

Cheri Valmont has written a vibrant story of love and courage of a woman willing to cross the ocean and face danger for the man she loves.


Extraordinary Request by Emma Wildes

The year is 1815. Serena and Henri Duclos are happy in the house at 413 Remembrance Lane. One day at the port Henri is bitten by a spider. After a very miraculous recovery Serena and Henri learn that he is impotent. Henri asks his best friend Arthur Roland to help get them with child. Arthur accepts and tension in the household flares. What will happen when Serena writes in the diary? Will the diary and the house rescue their marriage from ruin?

Emma Wildes has written a story packed with selfless decisions and the bounds of true friendship. Her character deals with the need to complete the family and the sense of inferiority when impotence comes between husband and wife. Serena and Henri keep their love blazing even through uncertainty.


Of Death and Desire by Jude Mason

The year is 1898. Jonathan and Phillip travel from Memphis to New Orleans to spend the last of Phillip’s days in the comfort and peace of 413 Remembrance Lane. Soon after moving in, Phillip’s consumption takes his life. Jonathan spends weeks in a fit of drunken depression. He finally cleans himself up and buys the home they loved so much. Soon he begins feeling Phillip’s ghostly touch and haunting voice whispering to find the diary. Once found what will his wish be and what will he give up to have it?

Jude Mason’s story is about the life changing grief of losing someone you love. Readers can grasp the emotions of death and relate to the dream of a second chance by making a simple wish.


The War Within by D. Musgrave

The year is 1945. William has come home from World War Two to the house at 413 Remembrance Lane and his beautiful wife Sheila. The war has changed William; he is haunted by flashbacks and relives the deaths of his platoon members daily. The first night he is home William has a flashback and strikes Sheila while they are in the middle of lovemaking. To save himself and Sheila he seeks the bayou voodoo witch. William is told to find the diary and write his story and make his wish. What will his wish be and will the couple be able to overcome the effects of the war?

The War Within touches everyone’s heart. Coming home without being twisted by the horrors of war is impossible. This story provides hope that all families can survive the effects of war with a little bit of magic and courage.


Let the Sunshine In by Jamie Hill

The year is 1971. Terri and Scott Walker are given the house after Scott’s father dies. After moving in, they meet Rafe McAllister in a local diner. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in a whirlwind relationship of carnal appetites and love. Rafe is the key to close the door on the tragedy of Terri’s miscarriage. Then the bombshell is dropped. Rafe admits to being a werewolf. To makes matters worse Terri thinks she is pregnant. They seek the diary to see if they can salvage the life they have built together. What does the future hold in store for all of the lovers?

Let the Sunshine In is more of a theme then a little short story. Jamie Hill has written a unique read of love.


My Vampire My Love by Skyler Grey

The year is 1993. Candy Thibodeaox moves into 413 Remembrance Lane and immediately finds the house’s diary. A short time after moving in she receives a late night visitor, Avakis Dregan. She invites him in and he seduces her willingly and takes her maidenhood. The next morning upon waking, Candy finds him gone. Crushed, she spends the day agonizing over her carelessness. The phone rings and its Avakis. He confesses his love and a secret; he’s a vampire who has promised his master the next virgin he finds. Avakis doesn’t want to risk losing Candy to his master so he is leaving forever to protect her. Grieving, Candy turns to the diary and wishes for Avakis to be mortal. Two lonely years go by and Candy still pines for him. What is the sacrifice made for writing in the diary? Will they ever be together?

Skyler Grey has made love at first sight seductive and alluring with her handsome blond vampire. This short story makes you wish Mr. Right would knock on your door late at night.


The Life Not Lived by Michelle Houston

The year is 2000. Natasha divorced her husband Andrew after almost thirty years together. She didn’t feel right carrying on the lie of loving him when she is attracted to women. She is visited one night by a red-haired succubus. After pleasuring her to an extraordinary release, the succubus takes the locket Natasha found in the house. The succubus tells her that if she continues to live unhappily she will end up a succubus herself. What will Natasha write in the diary? Will Natasha be able to save her happiness?

Michelle Houston has written an awesome story of the difficulty of making decisions with your heart and mind. She shows the reader the life long heartache of making choices to appease others. In The Life Not Lived a single epiphany can change your life for the better.


413 Remembrance Lane is an awesome read. The different time periods and authors flow together, making this anthology a heartfelt celebration of life. As you read you discover how much diversity an old house can hold, from tragedy to love, and heartbreak to bliss. This house has recovered, grown in strength and brought together lifestyles and families. All of these authors have come together and told the life story of a grand New Orleans house. Each story flows seamlessly through the timetable, straight into your heart.  

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