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June Reviewer's Choice Awards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 28 July 2007




Congratulations to the Reviewer's Choice Awarding winning authors of the following books.  These stories made a positive impression on their reviewers, but may not have necessarily received a Recommended Read Award.  Award-winning authors may post our Reviewer's Choice Award graphic to their website/blog, etc.  Please link to TwoLips Reviews, LLC., if possible.  Thank you all for writing such great books for us to read, review and enjoy!



Reviewer's Choice Award

Book Image

Title: Collaring the Saber-Tooth
Author: Trinity Blacio
Publisher: Riverdale Ave Books
Genre: Shapeshifter/Vampire
Publication date: March 28, 2013
ISBN: 1-626010-19-2
Pages: 109
Series: Masters of the Cats, Book 1
Reviewer: Tangie

Heat Level:  M/F, M/M/F/M, M/M light BDSM, graphic language
Rating:    lips


When Maya’s entire family was slaughtered, she gained a new purpose in life. She lives for vengeance. While hunting the creature that changed her world, she fights evil and takes other survivors under her wings. When Akaos comes to her city, she knows her life is about to change. She finds herself constantly fighting her cat. Akaos wakes her body in uncomfortable ways and then informs her that not only is he her mate but she has two others. Will Maya be able to bend to allow the love of three dominant men into her life?

Collaring the Saber-Tooth by Trinity Blacio is first book in the Masters of the Cats series. I thoroughly enjoyed this new book by Ms. Blacio.

Maya was a kick-ass shifter with a heart of gold. She is a strong female focused on vengeance while showing little bitterness in her everyday life. When she meets Akaos she struggles with allowing someone else in her life. She is comfortable if not completely happy and likes answering to no one.

Akaos is a strong male. He is alien to Earth and confused for a vampire, which he has no issue with. He is fiercely protective, and he along with Warden and Tesuss struggle to allow Maya the freedom she needs with their competing desires. Their society is predicated on a dominant/submissive culture which forces all parties to bend in order to co-exist together.

I loved that Ms. Blacio gave each man a completely crafted personality. Maya forged a different relationship with each man. They became something more together. I am looking forward to where Ms. Blacio will take us next in this interesting new series.




Reviewer's Choice Award


Book Image

Title: Magpie
Author: Kim Dare
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Genre: GLBT, Paranormal/Shapeshifters
Publication date: October 3, 2012
ISBN: 1-607355-89-2
Pages: 220
Series: Avian Shifters, Book 2
Reviewer: Tina


Heat Level:  M/M oral & anal sex, mild BDSM


Magpies love glitter and sparkle, which has always gotten Kane, a magpie, into trouble. Being alone and junky has not helped. When Everet, a raven, is dispatched from the nest to bring him back into the fold and punish him for his crimes, Everet doesn’t count on falling in love. He falls for the cute sweet Magpie, who is a whole lot of trouble.

Kane needs the dominance Everet brings, and Everet needs to feel that his sub needs him in every way. Just when Kane begins to turn around, his past comes back to haunt him. Will Everet prove to Kane he is more than just a magpie?

Magpie by Kim Dare, is the second book in her Avian Shifters series, my favorite series of hers. I love the idea of bird shifters and the hierarchy that comes with the nest. Every species of bird has their strengths and weaknesses.

Magpies love glitter and sparkle and they are thieves; they tend to want to keep all things shinny and sparkly. Which has given them a really bad reputation. Because of this, Kane has a strike against him before anyone meets him. They do not expect him to be anything other than what his species is.

Everet is a Raven, and ravens are usually the enforcers. They are dominant and protective by nature. This makes him very good at his job, and the perfect dom for a wayward magpie. I liked this book not only for Kane and Everet’s story, but for the underlaying theme that you should not judge people before you get to know them. Once Kane is given the chance he becomes much more than even he knew he could be. When the past comes back to haunt him, he'll have to find out if Everet will be the rock he needs to over come it. The end to this story is emotional and heart touchingly beautiful, and I hope there are many more avian stories in the future because I want to read more.








 Reviewer's Choice Award


Title: Treacherous Temptations
Author: Victoria Vane
Publisher: Entangled Publications, LLC
Genre: Historical
Publication date: January 21, 2013
ISBN: 1-622668-67-0
Pages: 181
Series: none
Reviewer: Julianne

Heat Level:


  M/F oral sex, implied anal sex, wax play, multiple partners, light bondage.


Rating:    lips


It's been almost ten years since Lord Hadley Blanchard was forced to leave England amid a scandal, his father's suicide, and the loss of his fortune and family name. Hadley has been acting as a spy for the very man that has profited from his family's tragedy.

All too soon, Mary Edwardes' guardian arrives at her quiet country home to whisk her away to London to procure a husband. A husband she will have no say in choosing, and one who will benefit the most from her inheritance.

Hadley finally gets a chance to exact some revenge on the man who took his family's fortune when an ex-lover asks him to return to England. Intending to use his powers of seduction for one purpose, Hadley is struck by his conscience the more he gets to know Mary.

Victoria Vane's Treacherous Temptations is a fantastically moving historical romance. There is so much emotion that comes from each of the characters, it's stunning. The world building is fantastic and has a lot of depth and dimension.

Hadley's character has hit rock bottom in his life and he has done some very despicable things, although he was mostly a victim. I thought he wanted nothing more than to clear his father's good name and bring to justice those truly responsible. I saw Hadley's character grow as the story progressed, and I really liked him.

Mary's character is just plain sweet. Her innocence is very refreshing and I so wanted her to find a way to thwart all the nasty plans Sir Richard and Lady Blanchard had for her. Even though Mary was naive, she wasn't stupid, and she didn't hesitate to try new things. I loved her sassiness.

Every great book needs the very best villains, and Treacherous Temptations has not one but two that I loved to hate. Barbara was delightfully evil, and such a schemer. I never knew what she was going to plan next. Sir Richard was equally evil. He seemed able to thwart Hadley at every turn. Ms. Vane has done an excellent job creating a wonderful story full of twists and turns, character growth, and some extremely hot sex scenes.

I felt the ending was a little rushed and wished the epilogue had been a little bit longer. All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Treacherous Temptations to anyone who loves to read romantic novels.



Reviewer's Choice Award


Book Image

Title: Mittens
Author: Phoenix Baker
Publisher: Phoenix Baker
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publication date: February 26, 2013
ISBN: none
Pages: 41
Series: Mittens, Book 1
Reviewer: Sheila

Heat Level:

  F/F, oral sex, sex toys, masturbation, oral, Domination




Samantha and Nina were drinking and talking about Nina’s sexual kinks. This causes Samantha to think about what she can do to help Nina get off in Mittens, the first book of Phoenix Baker’s Mittens series. Samantha is a mechanical geek and enjoyed revving up Nina’s vibrator. But now that she is thinking about Nina’s kinks, can she be the one Nina can trust to bring her to orgasm and not to judge her for her kinks? Can this relationship go from friends to lovers?

WOW!!! Mittens is one hot read. Samantha thinks over her conversation with Nina and realizes she wants to try what Nina has described but she wants to research it first. When she notices Nina on the computer also, she IMs Nina and they begin a conversation—a very open conversation. Samantha orders Nina to her home and their playtime begins.

I liked Nina and Samantha. They are open and honest with each other and with the reader. It is like being inside their heads and bodies as they negotiate their way toward a first-time sexual experience. I like how Phoenix Baker wrote each section from one or the other’s point of view. I knew what one was thinking and doing to the other without the interference of head hopping within a paragraph. At times there was some difficulty with pronouns but for the most part I knew who was doing what to whom.

I liked the humor in Mittens. Watching Samantha struggle with her role as the Dominant as she tries out different behaviors and scenarios and is frightened by Nina’s appreciation of it made her real and believable. Seeing her question if she is doing it right or wrong and hearing Nina’s approval of how right she is doing it made for some funny scenes. When the two ladies are into their Dom/sub roles it was a turn-on. Samantha was so frightening in her scary self I could feel Nina’s fear and her arousal. Both their wonder in how aroused they were and their achieving orgasm was joyful to behold. What fun sex scenes!

I loved the ending and how Samantha and Nina let us know that future episodes are coming. It was spontaneous. It was humorous. It was quirky and it worked. I cannot wait for Mittens, Part 2.




Reviewer's Choice Award


Book Image

Title: Passion's Trust
Author: Cara Carnes
Publisher: Ellora's Cave, LLC
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM
Publication date: April 3, 2013
ISBN: 9781419945632
Pages: 106
Series: Pleasure Brigade, Book 4
Reviewer: Victoria

Heat Level: menage, toy play, bondage


Katey Meadows has done well for herself moving up in Brigade Financial to become the corporate admin to one of the Doms within The Brigade. New to the BDSM scene, she spends a lot of her free time observing the Doms with their eager submissives longing for one Dom, Lorenzo Garofali, to notice her as more than an employee. When Lorenzo gives Katey the night of her life, will it be enough for both of them?

Buckle your seatbelts for one hot ride in Cara Carnes’s Passion’s Trust. Ever since Ms. Carnes teased me so cruelly with snippets of Lorenzo and Katey in Passion’s Training, I’ve longed to read their story. Picking up their lives after Lorenzo promotes Katey, we see that she spends a lot of her free time in watching the BDSM action at The Brigade. Lorenzo has patiently watched from the sidelines waiting for just the right moment to step in and further her carnal education.

Using the special club name for all submissives, Katey gets more than she bargained for sandwiched between Lorenzo and a new Dom on the scene, Montgomery. As I continued to furiously flip my ereader pages, I couldn’t help but long to be in Katey’s shoes! The night leaves Katey breathless and Lorenzo wondering about the fierce feelings of protectiveness that wash over him. Will he be Dom enough to allow others to partake in Katey’s journey or want her exclusively as his treasured submissive?

I so enjoy how Cara Carnes keeps the D/s action hot in Passion’s Trust with the interjection of humor which made Katey and Lorenzo’s story a keeper for me. I’ve loved visiting and being a fly on the wall at The Brigade for four novels now and will patiently await another installment in this BDSM series. When will I hear the club name again, Ms. Carnes, to see yet another submissive find fulfillment within this decadent pleasure palace?


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