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Home arrow Book Reviews arrow Contemporary arrow Cherry Tune Up by Adriana Kraft
Cherry Tune Up by Adriana Kraft PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tara   
Saturday, 24 February 2007


Book Image

Title: Cherry Tune-Up
Author: Adriana Kraft
Publisher: Silk's Vault 
Genre: Contemporary, Menage
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: 1-934055-84-0
Pages: 69
Series: None

Heat Level:  F/M/F, F/F, Anal
Rating:    lips


Bobbi Jo Martin is recently engaged. She has a problem though.  She's a virgin and her fiancé, Nelson, doesn't want a wife that isn't sexually experienced.  Bobbi Jo has always been half in love with her childhood sweetheart and has this crazy idea that Jack Day would be the perfect person to teach her what she needs to know and take her virginity.  After all, he taught her to kiss and there has always been a connection between them.  Jack has always been here for her and has helped to solve many problems throughout the course of their friendship. 

Jack's passion in life is racing and he is on the verge of making it to the big leagues.  Bobbi Jo takes time off work to track Jack down at the racetrack. After seeing him leave the track with a pair of beautiful twins, Bobbi Jo is even more convinced that Jack is qualified and exactly who she needs to introduce her to the pleasures of sex and make her a woman. 

Bobbi Jo confronts Jack while he's working under his car and while he's happy to see his old friend, he's shocked by the proposition she has for him. His first reaction is “hell no,” but the thought of someone else touching this sexy woman and introducing her to all the things he has wanted to do to her since they were teens, is too much for him to accept.  Jack agreed to tutor Bobbi Jo but it has to be on his terms and his time line. 

Jack gifts Bobbi Jo with her first orgasm right then and there but takes his time in regards to making her a woman.  This drives Bobbi Jo crazy wondering when he'll finally take her.  Jack enlists his friend and sometimes lover, Joy, to help with Bobbi Jo's tutoring.  Joy helps Bobbi Jo learn to groom herself, introduces her to the pleasure of making love to a woman, and helps her with the emotional aspect of the changes taking place in her life.  Throughout everything, Jack knows that he loves Bobbi Jo, but that she belongs to another man.

As the time passes Bobbi Jo confronts the changing emotions and questions she has about her future.  Can her fiancé Nelson satisfy her after what she's experienced with Jack and Joy?  Bobbi Jo has some serious decisions to make.

Cherry Tune-Up is a wonderfully erotic story of a woman, her loser fiancé, her childhood sweetheart, and her unique idea to solve a very personal problem. Cherry Tune-Up is fun to read, sexy, and touching. Adriana Kraft introduces characters that are personable with real life problems and interesting solutions to them. The sexual chemistry explodes off the pages and leaves you fanning yourself. The open-minded attitude and reactions of these characters makes for an even more interesting read and will leave you wanting more. Adriana Kraft has penned a great book with lovable characters and an interesting plot. I recommend this book to anyone.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 February 2007 )
Copyright 2006    
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